What is connected writing?

Writing is a means of communicating and creating ideas – with and for others. Writing is an inherently social act.  “Connected writing” emphasizes the social aspects of and interactions around writing.  Will Richardson conceptualizes “socially connective writing” as writing that is done in response to reading and that synthesizes and remixes the ideas from the original piece into a new piece (http://weblogged.wikispaces.com/Connective+Writing).  Our concept of connected writing in this blog-space builds upon Richardson’s work and extends it.  We envision connected writing to be writing that is thoughtfully and strategically crafted, shared with others, read, and taken up in a variety of ways by the reader.  The reader doesn’t respond in a spontaneous or stream-of-consciousness manner to the original piece.  Rather, he/she lets the ideas percolate and crafts a written response that incorporates, remixes, or responds to the original writing with a new piece that was carefully crafted.  This new piece has the potential to be its own, stand alone piece, but it gains more meaning and power as a connected piece read in conjunction with the related, connected writings.  Choose a social or political idea you are passionate about.  Spend some time thinking and writing on that topic.  Then share a piece you create.  Your shared piece could be a poem, a personal narrative, an informational piece, a persuasive essay, a visual composition, or some other form of text.


Post a connected writing

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