Adopt a Pet

“Mommy, Can I get a puppy?”

Now you have a decision to make. Are you going to adopt a dog or buy from a breeder? The best place to find an animal to fit your family would be from an animal shelter or rescue group. Going to a breeder will only encourage more people to breed animals. When animals are bred we are only adding to the animal population. There are so many great animals that are in need of a great home. These animals have been rescued from overcrowded homes, such as animal hoarders, or have been found and taken into the animal shelter. Some animals were abused, and others don’t know anything else besides a shelter. Our animal shelters and adoption agencies are overcrowded, but people are still breeding dogs. The overcrowding is causing millions of animals to be put to death a year just to make room for others. So I urge you, when you decide that your family needs a new addition, please consider adopting. Below is some information about local adoption agencies that are great places to look for a dog.

Please take the time to watch this short 2 min video on how adopting a pet can benefit you, and your pet!


2 thoughts on “Adopt a Pet

  1. “Can I get a puppy?”
    I remember my son’s question
    I had been waiting years for it
    Of course I said YES
    A breeder was never a thought
    With so many to adopt
    We looked and looked
    Until we found just the one
    The one who begged for a home
    Through his large, sad eyes
    The one who didn’t like other dogs
    And would likely not be chosen
    The one who did not like the crate
    One more strike against him
    The one who demanded constant attention
    From everybody around
    A year and a half later
    We still love every moment with him
    He is a handful
    Just as promised
    He can be a pain
    When he wants things right now
    But he is our baby
    And has made our family whole
    He will never realize how much we needed him
    Just as much as he needed us

  2. I love your story, thank you for sharing!
    Pets are a very important part of our lives, it is so true that we need our pets just as much as they need us. My husband has begun working overnights and it has been very difficult for me. If it wasn’t for my dog I know that I would feel overwhelmed with loneliness and sadness. He has helped me get through this hard time and I know he will continue to help me in times of happiness and sorrow.
    We just got back from visiting some family in Arkansas, who are living the country lifestyle. The dogs are outside dogs that run free and are there to scare the coyotes away from eating the chickens. In this lifestyle it made me think of this writing about adopting a pet. In that lifestyle if you have a good dog who has helped you on the farm, or has been a good hunting dog, you breed them in hopes of creating another great guard dog. I understand this form of thinking and this way of living, but that does not mean I agree with it entirely. I understand that you want to continue to have dogs that know how to be a country dog. If you rescue a dog from a pound of from a rescue groom and bring them to the country, they may not know what to do, and they might not get the job done that you need. Usually in the country like that, these dogs that are being breaded already have others lined up to take them in. If not, they live on the farm and become another part of the pack. As far as in the city, there is not as much room for more than one dog, and people have busier lives and are away from home more, making it hard to care for multiple dogs. Sadly, a lot of people find it difficult to take care of a dog and give them away. Here in the city I still think it is very important to adopt a dog and make sure that you are ready for the responsibility.

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