Animal Abandonment, Why?

Sitting in my warm house watching television with my dogs at my feet and my cats running around chasing one another I come across an ASPCA commercial. Within moments my heart is breaking because these animals are sitting in shelters with no one to love them or care for them. Many have been found in the streets. Some badly hurt because of living in the outdoor elements for sometime, trying to survive. Some picked up badly beaten or neglected by their owners.

I find it difficult to understand why people decide to get animals but not seem to care for them! Based on about 4 million dogs are abandoned each year in the US alone. According to the definition of animal abandonment is when an animal is left in a public or private place. They are in or outside of these places and the owner doesn’t intend to return for their care. These owners have multiple excuses for abandoning their animals. They have allergies to the animal, their life becomes too busy to care for the animal, the animal is too much work, or there is a sudden change in the household where the animal isn’t able to fit into the picture. Although these excuses seem to be reasonable, an animal is brought into a household as a family member. They are not to be thrown to the curb when life gets difficult or inconvenienced.

Looking further into animal abandonment I found an interesting article regarding the Harry Potter series and White Snow Owls. According to a website out of the UK,, bird sanctuaries are being overran by White Snow Owls shortly after the Harry Potter series came out. Owners took on these beautiful birds not knowing the work and the expectation involved as keeping them as pets. Their solution is to either drop them off at a bird sanctuary or illegally releasing them to the wild.

Digging deeper into abandonment I find a number of websites where different holidays spur animal purchases. One such website,, shows how Easter is real common for the high volume purchases of rabbits. These are animals’ parents and kids seem to find to be warm, fuzzy, and cute but extremely hard to care for on a daily basis. After time they find they don’t fit into their lifestyle. These random purchases are not thought through in what it takes to care for an animal and maintain them over the animal’s lifespan. The veterinarian costs can grow depending on the species of animal you get. All this can sometimes lead to the abandonment of the animal because it was never thought through.

Although there are many states prosecuting people that choose to abandon their pets, it is still happening worldwide. Luckily the US has organizations and groups in place to care for these abandoned animals but as a society we need to stop and think more about what we are doing and less about what makes us happy in that moment.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Abandonment, Why?

  1. I love this piece. I have animals at home that were rescued by animal aid, and I can’t understand why someone would have just dumped them on the streets. I am also constantly trying to save animals I see on the streets, and find them a home. Here is my response piece.

    Title: I Adopted Rescue Dogs

    Rescue dogs and puppies
    can be very unique

    they are usually mutts
    they can sometimes have issues

    some have deep stories
    filled with fear and terror
    while others were abandoned

    I have two rescue dogs
    one was abandoned on the street
    one was hit and abused

    I adopted both dogs
    opening up my home
    despite their past baggage

    They were fearful at first
    but they did trust again

    All they needed was love
    a companion the could count on

    They were never mean,
    definitely not stupid
    and certainly not unlovable

    They are just different
    and their first owners
    didn’t get it

    They didn’t get that different
    is special and most times awesome

    Dogs don’t have to be pure bread
    to be valuable

    I find value in my dogs
    unfailing trust in me
    unbelievable affection for me
    and ability to love

    I love my rescue dogs
    and I don’t understand
    how anyone could mistreat or abandon them

    Forward Note: Rescue dogs aren’t for everyone. They sometimes take lots of time and effort to take care of and gain their trust. But once trust is gained and relationships are built, these dogs can be the best and most loyal companions you will ever have.

  2. Loyalty can be viewed as being faithful to someone or something. Just recently I got to spend some time with my dad and his dog. Their relationship is the epitome of loyalty. When we would watch a movie in the living room, he would get up from his chair, pull a pillow from the sofa, and lay along with her. When we went to the park, he would have her sit right next to him on the bench and eat her own ice cream cone. Jenny on the other hand would show her faithfulness and devotion to my dad as well. When strangers would come to the home, she makes herself known with her barks and growls. When he would go from one room in the house to the other, she would follow him never leaving his side. It was as though she was the guardian or protector of my dad. I can’t imagine what one would do without the other. Loyalty for each other is that bond of trust between each other. A man and his dog or a women and her cat is something most people do not have.

    In this example my dad provides Jenny with a warm home, food for her belly, and lots of love. Jenny provides my dad with friendship, protection, and unconditional love. Throughout history we see a number of animals stories displaying loyalty and commitment. Their sense of survival has lasted based on the loyalty one has to their pack. Whether it is a pack of sled dogs that keep their master going during an Iditarod race or a duck hunter and his faithful dog, animals play a vital role in many humans’ lives. If you feed them and love them they will be with you through every brake up, love loss and/or life changing event.

    Too many times we see on our local news, social media, or the national news stories of animal abuse and abandonment. These animals have broken stories of loyalty. Sometimes they have lost faith and trust in humans. Being rescued and given a loving home in which they feel as though they are part of a pack helps an animal regain trust. Everyone has heard or seen where rescue animals can be reluctant at first, but have found that they can become some of the most loyal animals of all.

    We need to start spreading the word to our friends, neighbors and/or coworkers’ about how important it is to do the right thing right from the start. It is our civil duty to help an animal find a new home or be taken to a non-kill shelter rather than leaving them in the backyard unattended or dropping them off to fend for themselves. Animals provide love and support. They deserve the same in return. The responsibility starts with spreading the word to everyone you know.

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