New Beginnings

Both of my rescues!

Both of my rescues!

New Beginnings

No one to throw my ball.
No one to call my own.
I have no name.
Who am I?
When Will I find a home to call my own?

I am in row 5 and lie on my cold, dirty floor.
I get out when I catch someone’s eye.
Nope, not this time; it wasn’t meant to be.
I lay here, listen to the other dogs cry for their lost owner and hope I’ll be the next one out.
I’ve been here for 2 long months, this is my last week.
When will I find a home to call my own?

Finally someone decided I looked like I was worthy.
I give her a million kisses and crawl in her lap.
She said I was it and took me away.
I get in the car, listen to the music and fall asleep.
We arrive at a farm.
There are horses, dog friends, and even a little pig.
I am home.
My mom and dad named me Cooper and hung a collar around my neck.
I am home.
I love running in the arena as my mom rides the horses.
I love swimming in the pool with my brothers and sisters.
I know sit, down, stay and leave it.
I sleep in bed every night with my favorite blanket.
I am home.
This is who I am.

Cooper was going to be put down the week I got him. Nothing was wrong with him, but they needed the room for more animals. This is a growing problem that breaks my heart.
Before you buy a pet please visit your local animal shelter or rescue organizations.
To see how you can help animals in need or to adopt an animal of make your family complete visit these amazing organizations:


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I got a dog from the dog pound once but I only had her for one day. You may be wondering why I only had the dog for one day. The name of my story is:

    Dog for a Day

    I got Reese from my sister’s father-in-law. Reese was a adorably cute, sweet, loving, playful dog, however, she was impossible to potty train. It didn’t matter what I did, she still insisted on peeing somewhere, anywhere in the house. After 6 months, I just couldn’t take the torture anymore, so I decided to make her an outside dog. That’s where my problem became an even bigger problem. This dog was no ordinary dog. No, she was a mastermind escape artist. My mother and I boarded up the fence, replaced wood, and created contraptions that would for sure keep this dog from escaping. Everytime I just knew it was her last time to get out of the yard, she would wind up on my front porch whining outside the door for me to let her in.
    I was all out of options, until my mother suggested that I get another dog. She figured Reese was getting lonely in the backyard all by herself. She thought that maybe a companion would keep her happy enough to resist the urge to flee. At first I wasn’t too excited about this idea. The thought of getting a puppy was not a happy one. Don’t get me wrong; they are super cute and cuddly, however, they are a lot of work. I was too exhausted dealing with Reese’s crazy shenanigans; I couldn’t imagine adding another dog to my list of frustrations.
    After some intense thoughts, I got an epiphany! I could get a full grown dog like Reese from the dog pound. I wouldn’t have to worry about a wound up, hyper puppy that would jump all over me and place super wet slobbery kisses anywhere that my skin was exposed. I could get a less hyper, laid back dog that I could pet and love on without the over-the-top excitement. This was my best option and this could possible be the answer to my prayers.
    I saw many dogs at the pound with the look of desperation. They wanted to be taken out of their cage of misery and into a home that gave them love and freedom to roam. In that moment, I wanted to rescue them all, but that just wasn’t an option. I came up on a brown and white basset hound. I don’t know what it was exactly, but a feeling came over me that let me know that was the dog for me. She was excited but not to the point that she was outrageously barking and jumping. Her bottom wiggled frantically from side to side as she silently whimpered. I decided in that moment that she was the dog for me.
    I got her home and immediately introduced her to Reese. They hit it off right away, running and barking throughout the yard. I stayed outside for hours playing with them and watching them play. After walking the fence and securing that there were no holes, I finally went inside. Later on that night I went outside to check on them. They were both laying down on the back patio. I felt the sense of triumph, I was convinced that Reese’s fugitive days were over.
    The next morning, I went outside to check on the dogs, and to my surprise they were missing. I went to the front porch to see if Reese and my new found dog were out there. They weren’t. I quickly got on clothes and went on the search for them around my neighborhood. Not a dog in sight. I couldn’t believe this happened. How, why, and where was continuously running through my mind.
    I put up flyers, went back to the pound, and search the neighborhood daily. Till this day, I have no clue what happened to them.

  2. I live off of a very busy road near Zink Ranch in Sand Springs. For about 7 miles it is very curvy and you cannot go fast at all. My house is on the first straight stretch of the road so the cars go very fast.
    A few weeks ago I was headed out to run some errands and I found one of my barn cats dead in a ditch. He had been run over by someone who was probably going way too fast. I was very upset and wanted to do something about this situation. I didn’t know exactly what I could do help, but I knew that something needed to happen.
    I decided to call the Osage County Sheriffs Department to see what they could do about the situation. I told them that there are no speed limit signs around and that just that morning alone I had seen multiple cars flying by. I also mentioned that my street is a bike route for hundreds of bikers and that something needed to be done about all of the speeding. I told them they could use my driveway as a spot to hide to catch the speedsters.
    Since I called last week, I have seen 5 people pulled over, and have seen 4 police cars in my drive way alone. I haven’t seen any speed limit signs posted yet, but I plan on making more calls this week to make sure that happens.
    I am so glad I decided take a stand on speeding on my street. Hopefully this saves many lives,,, including the animals.

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