Teacher Pay

Teacher Pay

Teacher pay, teacher pay

This issue is never going away!


It’s not fair

But they don’t care.


We work so hard and long

It just is wrong.


One job isn’t always enough

They’ll say, well life is tough!


Soon all the good teachers will leave

It’s time they start to believe!


2 thoughts on “Teacher Pay

  1. “It’s not fair”
    I hear the phrase over and over around summertime
    Not fair that I have the summer “off”
    I have my own list:
    It’s not fair I have to arrive early
    and stay late, just to stay caught up
    It’s not fair I have to grade papers
    and plan lessons on the weekends
    It’s not fair more responsibilities are added
    to our already overflowing plates
    It’s not fair my own life
    seems to be put on hold
    So yes, I will enjoy my summer off
    around Professional Developments, that is

  2. We Have a Choice

    We, the teachers, have a choice. We can either sit by and let others who know not what we do or how we do it decide our fate. OR we can stand up, educate them, demand respect and better treatment, and not give up.

    They, those with the power, have chosen to take from teachers and students because we are not causing enough of a stink. Who they are really taking from is themselves. If something doesn’t change, the teacher shortage and mediocre education won’t improve. It’s not to say the actual educators are mediocre…they are actually amazing. They do more with less every year but I can’t help but imagine how much better it could be with adequate pay and materials.

    So I urge my fellow teachers and those who care about education to stand up and demand what is right. Not only what is right; what is fair and deserved. We owe it to our teachers, students, and most importantly, ourselves.

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