Practice, practice, and practice! Its 7 a.m. they are warming up, stretching, running, jumping and flipping, getting ready for their first practice of the day! An hour or two later, they are finally done. Off to school they go! Smiling, making good choices, knowing people are always watching. Today after school they will go to the elementary school for little girl camp where eighty or so little girls are looking up to them. They are warming up, stretching, running, jumping and flipping, teaching and practicing. Two hours later the little girls leave. The big girls warm-up, and practice for another hour. Practice at least two times a day, extra activities and Friday night football game. The live of a High School Cheerleader!
Is this a sport or just someone to lead others in cheering for the team?
Stacy Sutherland


2 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. I used to describe cheerleaders as just fru-fru girls that like to wear pretty bows and cute outfits. I mean they do wear shirts that say “Fear the Bow” and such. This year my daughter asked to sign up for a non-competitive cheer squad through our community. My first thought was “Really? You want me to pay how much money so you can hop, skip and jump around at football games?” But my husband and I decided to allow her to do it.

    Over the course of this season, she has gained so much from the experience. She is physically stronger than she has ever been. She is in fifth grade and they practice 4 hours a week. She comes home tired, wiped out and sometimes in tears because of the effort and energy that she puts in her new found sport. Yes, I said sport. I have a respect that goes out to all the past and present cheerleaders I know. Those girls work their bows off!!! 🙂

  2. Fru fru girls are what some call cheerleaders. They wear cute little uniforms, bows in the ole so every present cheerleader ponytail. They smile, yell for the team smile again,
    What does it take to be a cheerleader? Cheerleaders are more than a pretty thing to look at. Cheerleaders are a body full of muscles. A person has to be physical fit to be a cheerleader. Cheerleaders use every muscle in ones body. The upper body you use major and minor muscles. You have to be able to lift another cheer eader above your head, that is at least 115 pounds and hold them there for 3 to 5 minutes. Cheerleaders also use muscle that are in you back and abdomen. These muscles are used to give you strength
    For lifting, tumbling and jumping. A cheerleader needs to have upper and lower leg muscles to help aide in all skills required to be a cheerleader.
    A cheerleader is a powerhouse full of strength, an athletic that can do many different movements and stunts with just the power of their own bodies. And they look very good in the cute little uniform and ponytails and bows.

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