To Modify or not… by Kaila Goode

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3 thoughts on “To Modify or not… by Kaila Goode

  1. I always wondered, so I looked it up. What do people actually expect a teacher to do? I found it and it is and it is not at all interesting or colorful, but dry and boring and reflects nothing of the actual work environment. Or maybe I am not seeing past the fancy language. Interestingly, I could not find where it says what is REALLY expected of us…like being expected to modify curriculum for our IEP students so then they cannot pass an unmodified test. The REAL expectations versus the expectations laid out on paper are vastly different.

  2. Tests
    Why do we always have so many standardized tests?
    Star Tests, district tests, state tests
    Is it to find out if we are doing our jobs?
    To find out if our students are learning?
    Every day I come to school in hopes to inspire and empower students.
    I start with a student’s strengths and build upon them
    Make modifications when needed
    Keep detailed notes on every child when working with them in conferences or through observation
    Individualize instruction daily
    Share with parents the progress their child is making
    And help each and every student see that they are amazing!
    So again why do we have so many tests?
    Why not visit a classroom, listen to a teacher, or even work with a child?
    You can learn so much
    More than any old standardized test.

  3. Teacher: It’s time to test

    Student: But, I don’t want to test

    Teacher: I’m sorry dear, but it’s REQUIRED

    Student: But, I can’t sit still that long

    Teacher: Just do your best

    Student: But I can’t focus

    Teacher: Just try your hardest

    Student: I don’t understand the question

    Teacher: Just take a guess


    Student: I’m tired and my eyes hurt

    Teacher: After the test you can rest

    Student: How much longer?

    Teacher: 2 hours or less?

    Student: Do I have to do this?

    Teacher: I’m sorry, but yes

    Student: I can’t do this!

    Teacher: Just try your best.


    Teacher: Put your pencils down. You’re done with the test

    Student: But I’m not done!

    Teacher: I’m sorry, but there is no time left

    Student: I hate this test.

    Teacher: I’m sorry you feel that way, but you did your best.

    Student: My best wasn’t good enough

    Teacher: It’s just a hard test

    Student: If its too hard why do we take it?

    Teacher: Because it’s a state standardized test.

    Student: What does that mean?

    Teacher: It means we have to do it.

    Student: Where were my modifications?

    Teacher: They wanted you to take the same test like the rest.

    Student: I hate it

    Teacher: I think we all do.

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