Hacking Education

When we go to work, we should feel like your position is secure. We show up expecting to do our job to the best of our abilities. We don’t think that one day we will

arrive to work and that that day may possibly be our last day.  Unfortunately this happened to several of my co-workers.

The last five weeks have been so stressful and frustrating for me and many of my co-workers. This frustration and stress stemmed from our school district’s decision to move school enrollment from individual school sites to one center. The district’s goal was to have one central location for all parents to go enroll. However, many parents in our neighboring areas don’t have transportation. It was easier for them to walk to our school to enroll their children. Those parents that did have transportation to the Enrollment center had to wait in long lines for hours to enroll their children. Many other parents were told that our school was full and turned them away. In fact our school was not full, we had four full pre-k classrooms, but three of our pre-k classrooms were empty. The past four to five weeks, I and the other two pre-k teachers without students have been passing out flyers in the neighborhood trying to get the word out that our school was not full. We have made many phone calls to the Enrollment center and to administrators in our school distract trying to get answers.

Due to low pre-k enrollment, our three pre-k classrooms were shut down. Three teachers and three assistants must be trimmed.

Today was the dreaded day that no one was looking forward to coming. Today three teachers and three assistants were being trimmed. Whenever the name of a teacher or assistant was called over the intercom, every one knew what was about to happen. My school district uses the ‘seniority rule’ when it comes to trimming. Three newly hired kindergarten teachers were most likely going to get trimmed from our school and have to go to different schools. Although my pre-k class was shut down, I, along with two other teachers will be moving to kindergarten, taking over the trimmed kindergarten teachers’ classrooms. If the district had left enrollment at each school site, our enrollment would not be low and teachers and assistants would not have been trimmed.

With three  pre-k classrooms closed, and only four pre-k classrooms open, 60 four and five year old are missing out on a much needed literacy and math instruction.


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