Lessons From My Little Sister

Is it the monumental moments in our lives
that spark monumental transformations within us?

Or do  those  small, almost unnoticeable,  everyday  moments,
little by little,
day by day,
shape who we are?

I remember…

…the moment I stormed into your room to tell you to turn the music down.  I ended up catching you doing an interpretive dance;
you emboldened me to  seek joy, live in the moment.  You actually got me to join you.

…the time we stayed up all night studying for our ninth grade finals;
you instilled in me  a drive to do well in school, to make hard work and education  a priority.

…the night  we sat on the kitchen counter.  You cried tears of empathy  for a friend;
you reminded  me to always try to consider what others may be going through and how to be a good friend.

…the time at the gas station when you sat  next to a crying girl you didn’t know so that you could comfort her;
you inspired  me to be more selfless, and showed me  that there is always a way to  help someone in need.

The day you died
my entire world flipped upside down.
But it was because of these moments, and a million others like them,  that

I am  forever changed.